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Luxe Business Card

Beautifully textured, 32pt Business Cards

Extraordinarily luxury Business Cards

Made from four layers of archival-quality Mohawk Superfine (nothing prints better), these are seriously thick Business Cards with a beautiful, natural texture. Plus there's that pop of color right in the middle. Everything about Luxe Business Cards is designed to make people go "Oooh".

  • Uncoated, naturally textured Mohawk Superfine paper

  • Your choice of 8 seam colors

  • 32pt paper (double thickness for extra impact)


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Delivery Information:

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Business Card Ordering Process


1. Request a Quote

Fill out the above estimate form to get a personalized quote. Upon agreement on the price, proceed with a deposit to kickstart the design process.

2. Design Review and Revisions

You will receive the proof for review within your selected Design Turnaround Time. Enjoy 3 complimentary revision rounds to ensure the design meets your expectations.


4. Production

Sit back and relax as your stationery is being printed and hand-assembled with care, ensuring it meets your exact specifications.


3. Final Approval

Once your design is perfect, your final approval will be submitted to print.  

5. Shipping

Your final product is ready! All orders are packaged with care and shipped via DHL.

4. Pick up

Your final product is ready! We'll coordinate a convenient pickup time for you. Shipping is available upon request (limited to certain items).


Four layers. For extra impact.

Like all the best stories, this one is multi-layered. It starts with the finest paper – Mohawk Superfine. Renowned for consistency and premium quality, it’s the ideal surface for your design. Next, sandwiched in the middle, there’s a double thick seam of color. Plus one more layer of Superfine for good measure. Then it's ready to be fused together, creating an ultra-thick, extra-impressive card. Four layers. One exclusive collection.

1. Mohawk Superfine paper
2. Two layer seam, with eight exclusive colour options
3. Another layer of Mohawk Superfine


Pick your color seam

There’s a vibrant block of color, sandwiched right in the middle of your Luxe Business Card. Choose from a rainbow of options to make your design even more unmissable. Or keep it white and minimalist.

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