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Terms & Conditions


  • Accepted methods of payment include e-transfer, cash, cheque, or PayPal (with a 3% transaction fee applied).

  • To commence design work, a 40% non-refundable deposit is required.

  • Full payment is necessary before the completion of the final product.

  • If you need an invoice, kindly inform us, and we will promptly provide one.


Completed projects will be featured in the Designs by Avalina portfolio, including various social media platforms. If you have concerns about this, please inform us.


Three revisions are included after the initial mockup is provided. If extensive revisions are necessary, an additional fee may apply. You will be notified if this situation arises.


If, after 30 days, we are unable to reach you for approval of the completed design work, your project will be deemed abandoned, and the deposit will not be refunded.


In order to prioritize the privacy and security of your personal information, we want to clarify our stance on password management:

  1. Password Storage:

    • For your security and privacy, we do not retain any of your login credentials on file. Once your project is completed, we do not store, record, or have access to your passwords.

  2. User Responsibility:

    • It is the sole responsibility of the user (client) to keep a record of their login information. Whether you provide us with login details or request us to create accounts on your behalf, we do not keep a record of your passwords.

  3. Post-Project Period:

    • After the completion of your project, we will not retain or store any login information. We encourage you to manage and secure your own login credentials.

  4. Password Changes:

    • If you provide us with temporary access for project purposes, we recommend changing your password once the project is completed to ensure the ongoing security of your accounts.

  5. Client's Accountability:

    • We advise clients to be proactive in managing their login details. It is important to update and keep track of passwords, especially if there are changes over time.


  1. Shipping Fees:

    • Shipping fees are determined based on the specific details of your order, and the amount may vary. The applicable shipping fee will be communicated and confirmed during the order placement process.

  2. Pick-Up Option:

    • Smaller orders may be eligible for pick-up in Woodbridge. Please inquire about pick-up availability when placing your order.

  3. Confirmation of Pick-Up:

    • Completed orders ready for pick-up will be securely placed inside or on top of the designated pick-up box outside our location. To facilitate a smooth pick-up process, please provide notice the evening before you plan to pick up your order.

  4. Identification:

    • Your order will be clearly labeled with your name for easy identification. Please ensure that you collect the correct order corresponding to your name.

  5. Responsibility after Pick-Up:

    • Once the order is picked up, the responsibility for the safety and condition of the print material is transferred to the client. Please inspect your order upon receipt.

  6. Shipping Timeframes:

    • Shipping timeframes vary and are subject to the specifics of each order. Expect a processing time from the date of order confirmation. Details about estimated shipping times will be provided during the confirmation process.

  7. Shipping Notifications:

    • If your order is shipped directly to your location and a tracking number is provided by the carrier, you will receive shipping notification


  1. Colour Variation:​

    • Designs by Avalina acknowledges that variations in colour may occur between the digital mockup displayed on computer screens (using RGB colour mode) and the final printed product (using CMYK colour mode). The inherent differences in colour representation between RGB and CMYK may result in slight variations.

    • The appearance of colours on the mockup may vary due to individual screen settings and differences in devices. Designs by Avalina makes every effort to ensure accurate colour representation in the final print, but it is essential to note that some colour variation may be inevitable.

    • Customers are encouraged to review physical proofs or request printed samples if color accuracy is critical. Designs by Avalina is not liable for perceived colour differences between digital mockups and final printed materials.

    • By proceeding with an order, the customer acknowledges and accepts these potential colour variations inherent in the printing process.

  2. Artwork Approval:

    • All artwork must be approved before submission for printing. Any costs associated with reprinting due to changes made after artwork approval are the customer's responsibility.

  3. Quality Assurance for Shipped Items:

    • For shipped items, it is the customer's responsibility to thoroughly check and confirm the order upon arrival. Any issues or discrepancies must be reported within 24 hours of receiving the shipment.

  4. Print Material for Events:

    • All print material for events must be submitted at least 2-3 weeks prior to the event date. If you have a time constraint, kindly inquire about expedited options before booking.

  5. Communication Regarding Time Constraints:

    • If you are on a time crunch or have specific deadlines, we encourage you to inquire about the feasibility of meeting your timeline before confirming your order. Open communication about time constraints will help us provide the best possible service.​


  1. Pick-Up and Return Responsibility:

    • It is the customer's responsibility to pick up and return any items being rented. Please ensure a prompt and timely return of the rented items.

  2. Return Deadline:

    • Rental items must be returned within 5 days after the completion of your event. Late returns may be subject to additional charges.

  3. Damage/Loss Responsibility:

    • If a rental item is damaged and/or lost during the rental period, a fee will be charged to cover the cost of repair or replacement.

  4. Refundable Deposit:

    • A refundable deposit is required to secure the rental. This deposit will be refunded in full to the customer upon the return of rental items in undamaged condition.

  5. Refund Process:

    • Once the customer returns the rental items undamaged and in accordance with the agreed-upon terms, a full refund of the deposit will be processed promptly.

  6. Inspection at Pick-Up and Return:

    • A thorough inspection of rental items will be conducted both at the time of pick-up and upon their return to ensure transparency regarding the condition of the items.

  7. Cleaning and Care:

    • Customers are expected to return rental items in the same condition as received. Additional cleaning fees may apply if items are returned excessively dirty or damaged due to negligence.

  8. Extension Requests:

    • If you anticipate needing an extension for the rental period, please communicate this request in advance. Extensions are subject to availability and additional rental fees.

  9. Communication of Issues:

    • If any issues or concerns arise during the rental period, please communicate them promptly. We are here to assist and address any issues to ensure a positive experience.


Our estimates are formulated based on Designs by Avalina's interpretation of the specifications provided during the estimate. Please carefully review the estimates to ensure that they accurately capture your initial request. Upon receiving the final specifications for your order, Designs by Avalina will be able to conclude the estimate, and as such, the amounts provided are not final and are subject to change, with advance notice. This estimate is valid for a duration of 60 days.


Once a design or print order is agreed upon and confirmed by the customer, any subsequent changes or discrepancies are the customer's responsibility. If the customer requests specific details, such as size or format, and provides approval, the final product will adhere to these agreed-upon specifications. It is essential for customers to thoroughly review and confirm all details before providing approval.

Designs by Avalina will make reasonable efforts to align with the customer's initial request. However, any changes requested after approval are not the responsibility of Designs by Avalina. Customers are encouraged to review proofs and specifications before granting final approval. Once approval is given, any subsequent changes may be subject to additional fees.

By proceeding with an order, the customer acknowledges and accepts these terms regarding customer requests and specifications. Designs by Avalina is not liable for changes or discrepancies that were not part of the initial agreed-upon specifications.

Thank you!

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